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THE FOOD AND DRINK TRAIL is coming back Sept 2024 FOR A MONTH. 

Here are the highlights from last year!

the trail 8th September

On Friday afternoon we visited The Mug Tree, Quartol, Dom Domingo, Va Nak Kam then onto the Trinity Methodist Church. East Grinstead’s MP, Mims Davies had a taste of what was on offer and was very impressed. She admitted that she would usually stick to the same restaurants and that the trail, set up by Nicolas Castiglione, would definitely tempt her to go back to these restaurants again. 

It is great that 11 businesses that took part part in the Food & Drink trail have decided to extend the opportunity by an extra week. These include: 

1. Gurkha Restaurant – Mon – Thur 12 – 2pm and 6pm-8pm
2. Trinity Methodist Church – Tea/Coffee & Biscuits Mon-Fri 10am-3pm
3. Va Nak Kam – Wed, Thur, Fri and Sat 12-2pm
4. Majestic Wine – during opening hours
5. Quartol – Choice of starter 4-10pm (not Tues)
6. Shearers – selection of cheeses Fri & Sat Only 10am-4pm
7. Dorset Arms – tea/coffee & cake 12-4pm
8.The Mug Tree – tea/coffee & cake 10am-2pm
9. Dom Domingo – choice of 3 starters during opening hours

10. Age UK – Tea/Coffee & Biscuits Mon-Fri 10am-3pm                                             11. Papa John’s – Mon- Fri 1-3pm

If you would like further information please email info@egbee.co.uk or call Nick on 07737 368804.


Interview with Mims Davies, MP

by Jenny Green

Ever wondered what a certain restaurant, pub or cafe is like on the inside? Well now here is your chance to find out with this amazing deal.

Join the East Grinstead Food & Drink Trail for just £10 person.

All profits goes directly to the EG Foodbank.

Visit up to 21 pubs, restaurants & cafes in East Grinstead and at each place you can choose a taster such as a starter, wine, cheese,  larger, brownie, cookie, coffee, scones and milkshakes.

Collect your Food & Drink card now from:

Tourism Desk EG Library, The Mug Tree, Dom Domingo or The Gurkha Woodcock Inn

Trail cards are only £10 cash per person.

You do not need to buy anything else when you visit. Just show your card to get stamped and place your order.

Don’t forget to get your card stamped and complete the details on the back to enter the prize draw!

the mug tree

Kathryn greeted us with a warm smile and made us perfect coffees. We tried the very chocolatey brownies that were freshly made and they were sensational.

    va nak kam

    A stunning Sri Lankan Restaurant, we met the very friendly and chatty brothers, Dino and Krish. We tried the most delicious Lentil Fritter and Mutton rolls.

      dom domingo

      You can expect to receive a very warm welcome from Hermano, who enjoyed helping us select our starters, wines, beers and mocktails.

      With the trail card you can enjoy a choice of 3 starters during their opening hours.


        We received a very warm welcome from Ekrem at his luxurious Turkish restaurant. Despite the heat, we were quite cool sitting by the large open windows, it felt like we were on holiday.


          Everyone looked to be having a jolly lovely time sharing stories whilst having tea and cakes!