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We are a little unusual in that we have 5 twin towns in beautiful locations in France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain, and the friendship we have with them is very special.  The warmth and hospitality shown during visits is something we want to continue.  Many long-term friendships have been forged over the years between adults and schoolchildren.

We are an association that has been going for 60 years and have been very active holding events, organising visits and socialising as members.  Full details about the Association and our twin towns can be found on our website:  www.egtwinning.org.uk including how to join.

We produce a regular Newsletter, have a Facebook page, and members are encouraged to meet up once a month for coffee/brunch at Chequer Mead.  We have recently had a French Evening and are organising further social events including an Italian Evening.   We have an annual Youth Event for teenagers, held in a different town each year, which has various themes e.g. sport, music, art.  This year in July it is in Schwaz, Austria.  Keeping our schoolchildren in touch with their European counterparts is very important, and we encourage and co-ordinate links between schools in our towns.

We would love to link up with other associations locally and do some joint events at home and with our twin towns.  New contacts and links are always welcome.

We have an enthusiastic committee and wish to continue the success of our organisation.  We are always looking for new members with fresh ideas.  We are urgently looking for a secretary to support the Chairman Nick Hodges, and would like another couple of committee members.   Please get in touch via the website if you are interested.